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Mother Tongue & Supplementary Schools Partnership

About us

Mother Tongue & Supplementary Schools Partnership (MTSSP) is an incorporated charitable company for providers of mother tongue and supplementary schools in London. The aim of MTSSP, as it stated in its Governing Document, is to promote any charitable purpose for the benefit of its members in supporting educational achievement of children and young people and relieving poverty within their communities, through providing advice, advocacy training and any other charitable activities in line with the charitable aims of the organisation.

MTSSP Services

MTSSP is the only partnership organisation for mother tongue and supplementary schools in Islington. We offer a range of information, advice, training and consultancy services; support partnership working and enable representation in local planning through working with the local authorities and mainstream schools. MTSSP support its members to maximise their potential through organising capacity building training for their teachers, managers and wider service beneficiaries, including parents and children. The need of training is identified periodically through questioners and direct conversation with members. Following areas have already been covered (completed). 


Islamist violent & non-violent & Far Right Extremism Course Tackling extremism is going to be a legal duty for all people working with children and young people. For this purpose Mother Tongue & Supplementary Schools Partnership and the London Borough of Islington are jointly running the above course for teachers and managers of the supplementary schools in Islington to equip them with accurate information to identify different types of extremisms. This course will be organised on 5th November 2015 at 9:00am at the London Metro Politian University. For more information please contact 020 7561 9830 or send e-mail to