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International Mother Language Day 2021 Resources


This video explains what we have planned for today's celebrations and learning in the light of the current Covid-19 restrictions.

As this video uses the words for "one" and "two" in many languages, it can be used to talk about how we count in different languages around the world.

Ask the children who know how to count to 10 in their native tongue, to share with the rest.

This video features how we would normally celebrate International Mother Language day at the Town Hall.

We hope we will be able to do this again when safe and all are welcome.

Some of the children may want to talk about:

  • What they are most proud of in their culture

  • The activities they enjoy

  • Their favourite traditional foods

We have "welcome" scrolling accross the screen in many languages, encourage the children to say welcome or hello in their language.


Class Activities

The words for "one" and "two" in many languages in the video are listed in the Worksheet.

Print the worksheet (pdf) and get the children to fill in the country and language.

The map below will help them identify all the languages they are unsure of.


Click the broken square to open the map full screen in a new tab.

Click on the map points to see the country, language and the words they are looking for.

Suitable for all ages.

Have fun!

Worksheet in Word - should you wish to amend.


Key Stage 1

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star and many nursery rhymes around the world use the same tune.

We look at the history of the tune and watch people singing the rhymes in their native languages.

Children can share the nursery rhymes they know in any language.

The purpose of this exercise is to make us appreciate that we all have a lot more in common regardless of our heritage.


Contains clips from other youtube videos

Original PowerPoint presentation- should you want to edit or control better (contains more slides as per video below 100MB).


Key Stage 2

MTSSP presentation on Twinkle Twinkle Little Star (as above but goes more in depth).

A good example of a tune used throughout the world.

The Greek version of the rhyme captures the spirit of the International Mother Language Day.

The struggle to get an education and find ways to access schooling can be discussed and written about.

To this day there are communities that are discouraged to speak their own language around the world.

Finding ways to get an education when you are not allowed to go to school is not just a new COVID-19 issue!


Contains clips from other youtube videos

Original PowerPoint presentation- should you want to edit or control better (100MB).


Key Stage 3 and above

This video explains how the Bengali language's struggle to be recognised led to UNESCO adopting the day as the world's day to remember and protect all our languages.

43% of the world's languages are endangered.

There are an estimated 6,000 - 7,000 languages in the world.

50% of the world's endangered languages are in just 8 countries.

students can be encouraged to write an essay on the value of their language, its history, evolution and impact.





Written using Google Slides. Answers are highlighted in red in the slide following the questions.

The quiz includes videos of people making statements in foreign languages as well as songs.

In most of the questions the children (and the adults!) will have to guess the answers - this illistrates how rich and diverse languages are - we can't know everything!

This is designed to be a fun group exercise, class can be split into teams.



Contains videos from Youtube and images from Wikipedia

Instructions - If you open using the link (preferred method)

to present either click the "present" button on the top right hand side (or Ctrl+shift+F5) and use down arrow to scroll through slides - do not use the play button on the bottom left hand side (as you will not have control over slides).

You can make a copy if you want to edit the presentation- if you have a google account.

Instructions - If you open using the embedded quiz

click on the broken square to open in full screen.

Use the down arrow to scroll through slides - do not use the play button on the bottom left hand side (as you will not have control over slides).

Please click on the play button on each video to play it.



Whilst International mother language day is about us being proud of our languages, it also implies being proud of our culture and ultimately of ourselves.

We want to encourage everyone to take pride in their language and work.

Schools can collate videos from their students into a compilation video with a story to tell about languages.

Older students' essays can be submitted to us - via their school (please specify school, age and first name).

The closing date for submissions is 31st March 2021 - we only accept submissions from schools and not individual students or parents (as we cannot verify individuals as well as schools can).

Videos can be shared by onedrive, google drive, drop box or other means. to discuss how you want to submit.

Prizes and awards will be given to the winning school and individual students.

Look at two examles of videos schools have created.

If you need any help with anything detailed above please contact us - we want to make sure we all enjoy the day, inspite of Covid-19 restrictions.


Grafton Primary School video celebrating Mother language last year, What a difference a year makes!

La Garenne International School - Year 5 produced this wonderful movie to celebrate how they value and embrace diversity in their school, and why it is important to celebrate this day.